What Other Floydians Are Saying - "Run Like Hell"

Jason -- At the beginning of "Run Like Hell" the crowd is chanting "Pink Floyd" from the LEFT audio channel only. A clear representation of Roger's left leaning political beliefs, as well as his opinion that he was Pink Floyd (at least the voice of Pink Floyd). By the end of "Run Like Hell", and bridging into "Waiting For The Worms" the crowd chanting "Pink Floyd" from the left is now being challenged by the others in the crowd chanting "Hammer" from the RIGHT channel only. I read an interview with Roger Waters once where he commented on the fascist chant of "Hammer" being intentionally in the right channel because of their extreme right wing politics. It's almost as if some are following the new fascist Pink by chanting "hammer", while others are longing for the old Pink by chanting "Pink Floyd" (As some people preferred the Syd Era Floyd, some the Pre-Dark Side Floyd, some the Post-Dark Side Floyd, and later on those who preferred the Water's Era Floyd) . By the end of "Waiting For The Worms", the chants of "Hammer" completely, and quite forcibly, replace the chants of "Pink Floyd" as if Pink is saying, "The old Pink is no more," and is actually sucked in by those who he created.