While I used to have my email address listed here, I've since removed it and am instead referring all questions and comments to my Wall Analysis Facebook group. Membership is open to the public, so feel free to join, post your opinion and join other fans in the discussion of Floyd's multi-media masterpiece. Because some of the Wall's subject matter is drug-related or sexual in nature (stuff you might not want showing up on your regular feed for all your friends and family to see), the Facebook group is set to closed, meaning only other Wall group members can see the content of your posts on the group page.

To those who've written me in the past year or so and didn't receive a response, or to those who were hoping to send me a one-on-one message: I very much apologize. Since having children and becoming a stay-at-home father, my free time at the computer has drastically decreased. What little time I do get to myself (ie, children's nap times) is mostly spent toiling over design work and various web sites for local non-profit organizations. Regrettably, I haven't been able to keep up with my Wall-related emails since my daughters were born. Rather than string fans along hoping for an answer to their emailed question, or validation of their particular take on the Wall, I'll simply refer you to the above Facebook group page I've created for that very purpose.

Note: any visitor who wishes to use my page as a resource for a class research paper has my full permission. All I ask is that you cite me in your Bibliography / Works Cited section. Though bibliographical techniques vary, you will most likely need nothing more than my name, the title and URL of my page, and the date you visited.

Bret Urick
A Complete Analysis of Pink Floyd's The Wall
Original analysis written in May of 1997.
Revised analyses 2002 and 2010.